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It is important that you enjoy your time at the workplace and when you have Flavia drink machines in your office, you certainly will. It offers a great variety of drinks at their pristine best quality. With it, you have to only pick up the drink that you want to have.

After that, you will get the appropriate drink foil that has to be placed within the machine. Finally, put a cup underneath and press a button and enjoy a cup of brilliantly flavored drink. Yes, it’s that simple with Flavia.

What distinguishes Flavia from others is the fact that each of the drinks is made individually and there is no chance of cross contamination therefore between different flavors. Also, the machines will not make a big hole in your pocket when it comes to maintenance. You can simply top up fresh water when required. Well, there is more with Flavia drink machines. Your supplier can give you sugar sticks, cup holders, stirrers and even waxed paper cups if you want them. So, it seems to be a complete package full of deliciousness.

According to some research papers the greatest thing with the Flavia Vending machines is that they produce a wide range of variety. There are different types of fresh ground coffee that come in different flavors in beans and roasts, fresh leaf teas, specialty teas, specialty drinks, green teas, chocolates, fruit infusions. Now, if you think this is the only reason why you should have Flavia drink machines in your office, you are wrong. For, there is another irresistible reason – it offers drinks of breathtaking quality.

However, the best use of the Flavia coffee machines can be made in supervised conditions. Remember, though it has unlimited variety and quality, it has limitation in respect of quantity. Also, the ingredients are used from a display case, which may cause concern over the security. Generally, the suppliers deliver the drinks in cases of 80. Naturally, the machine is best used in the low volume office where the stress is more on quality and variety rather than the number of cups.

Because of the very nature of the drinks’ quality, the cost per drink is relatively higher when compared to the other vendors. However, the cost of the machine itself is lower than the others. This is why you can always install more machines if you are desperate to address the demand of the quantity. Still, it should be remembered that the Flavia drink machines are not made for high volume places or places where security is needed.

If you are looking for a drinking machine in your small office or a meeting room, Flavia Creation 400 is the ideal solution. In fact, you can install it whenever people want a quality drink. Though used basically as a Free Vend model, Creation 400 can also be modified to a coin operated module.

Perhaps you are very eager now to have such a machine. Well, KSV has all that you want. As the recommended Flavia Platinum Distributor, you will have detail information regarding the products and their prices in their websites.